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Crankshaft is an important part of diesel engine. It is generally observed that after running for considerable hours, surface roughness, bearing line marks or pitting is observed on the main journal and crankpin of the crankshaft. The reason for development of rough surface can be

  • Use of Substandard Lube Oil
  • Presence of Impurities
  • Poor Maintenance, etc.

In this situation RA Power Solutions recommend polishing of crankshaft. Following steps are suggested:

  • Calibration of main journal and crankpin is done to check the dimension, taper and ovality.
  • Magnetic particle test is done to rule out any possibility of surface cracks.
  • Checking of hardness is done to identify hard spots if any.
  • Visual inspection to check the profile of radius fillet and lubricating oil.

In case above parameters are observed within the limit polishing is suggested.

RA Power Solutions has developed centre less, easy to operate, portable onsite polishing machine which can undertake the polishing without dismantling of the shaft. The job of onsite polishing is executed by experienced technicians. Surface finish and other technical parameter are maintained as per the specified stipulated by manufacturers.