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Recently, diesel generators of high capacity are replaced by turbines. Although the cost of turbine works out to be higher than the cost of diesel generator sets. But due to the low running cost the turbines are getting popular and are installed in India and developing countries.

RA Power Solutions provides onsite repair of rotor shaft, alternator shaft, and turbine shafts. We have facility of onsite equipment ready to undertake grinding of rotor shaft, turbine shaft, alternator shaft and crankshaft having diameter ranging from 60 mm to 700 mm. The portable turbine shaft grinding equipment is taken to the site and grinding of turbine shaft is undertaken as per the tolerances specified by the turbine manufacturer. RA Power Solutions is extending the services of onsite grinding, polishing and inspection in India and all over the world. The white metal bearing are also manufactured as per the diameter of rotor shaft, turbine shaft and alternator shaft maintained after onsite grinding. The rebabbitting of old bearings is also undertaken.

In case of any breakdown we also offer metal stitching and metal locking services for crack repair of turbine casing. RA Power Solutions has executed more than 300 jobs of turbine repairs during their working of four decades.

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