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Scored or Damaged Turbine Shafts Restored to original Size

In certain situations we can in-situ rebuild to fill scored areas and even bring your journal back to original size in-situ. Your damaged shaft can be restored to an as new condition.
As for power generation, Turbine repairs are vital to sustain profitability and for the safety of the plant and the environment in the specialized petrochemical industry. Regular equipment inspections and the highest standards of maintenance are essential for safe, reliable and environmentally friendly processes.
Over many years, we’ve accumulated the experience skills and experience needed to take wide-ranging responsibility for repairs in conjunction with plant engineers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Working in planned maintenance and emergency situations, our services for the petrochemical industry include the following:

  • Orbital machining of turbine rotor bearings Journals.
  • Line boring of turbine, pump and gearbox casings.
  • Milling of turbine, Pump and gearbox casings.
  • Drilling, tapping and dowelling of turbine parts.

We can help you keep you refinery and petrochemical plant operating at maximum output without compromising safety. Naturally, we only use technicians with finely developed safety awareness who have gained the required approvals for this demanding work.

In addition to supporting routine planned turbine maintenance, our engineering teams are on call 24/7 for prompt emergency repairs wherever they’re needed. As you’d expect, all RA Power Solutions personal are familiar with on site working environments and the demands placed upon them.


  • Alignment Correction
  • Casting Repairs by Metal stitching
  • Crank Pin Machining
  • Thermal Spraying
  • Shaft Recovery
  • Rebabbitting of Bearings
  • Manufacturing of White Metal Babbitt Bearings

Industries Served

  • Petro Chemical
  • Steel
  • Water Treatment
  • Pressing & Forging
  • Process
  • Heritage
  • Marine/Offshore
  • Power
  • Paper