Onsite Crankshaft Repair | Crankshaft Grinding | Crankshaft Reconditioning

Onsite Crankshaft Repair | Crankshaft Grinding | Crankshaft Reconditioning is undertaken by RA Power Solutions Pvt Ltd for last four decades. The company has technicians who are trained to undertake Onsite Crankshaft Repairs strictly as per manufacturers specifications stipulated in the manual.
All technicians have valid CDC and can travel in a short notice anywhere in the world to board the vessel. The Onsite Crankshaft repair and onsite crankshaft grinding equipment used by RA Power Solutions has a main structure manufactured out of Titanium steel which results to absorption of Vibration while the Crankshaft Grinding machine is in operation in high seas with turbulence. The quality after the reconditioning and repair of Crankshaft is of Great Importance and is maintained. Following checks are undertaken.

Repair of MAN Engine is in Process
                  Repair of MAN Engine is in Process

Quality of a Re-Machined Pin or Journal
The quality of a pin or journal after machining has to meet following requirements:

I) Geometrical  tolerance in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

II) A blueing check has to be carried out on the re-machining surface. Blueing Shells: Min. Width equivalent to Journal or Crank-pin dimensions respectively. Min. Length equivalent to 1/5 of Journal or crank-pin circumference.

III) Required contact area:  Min. 35% equally distributed over width and circumferences.

IV) Free of hairline cracks: Journal or crank pin to be tested by mean of Magnetic Particle crack detection method.

V) Free of Martensite:  The microstructure is to be tested for edged areas of martensite structure will replicas or micro etching with 5% nitric acid in alcohol ( Nital) applied to the pin after polishing.

VI) Maximum admissible hardness of remaining local hardspots : However such local hardspots are not tolerated around the fillets and the bores for lubrication.

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