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Crankshaft repair is recommended in case of following:

I) Development of excessive taper and ovality in crank pin journal and crank main journal.

II) Development of crack and increase in hardness due to failure of bearing.

III) Loss of Alignment of crankshaft

IV) Development of deep bearing line marks, rough surface, pitting, etc.

Crankshaft repair is undertaken by rap by grinding of crankshaft onsite. Crank pin journal and main journal of crankshaft grinding is done of diameter ranging from 60 mm to 700 mm.

We are cost effective and have four decades of experience in Crankshaft repair and crankshaft grinding.

Crankshaft Repair
Crankshaft Repair


Crankshaft Grinding on Board a Vessel
Crankshaft Grinding on Board a Vessel

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