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Considering the continuous running and severe working condition of turbines it is advisable to conduct periodic inspection of turbine shaft. Following is recommended:

Inspection of Turbine Shaft
Inspection of Turbine Shaft
  • Inspection of turbine shaft bearing seating diameter for taper and ovality. This should be recorded.
  • Due to corrosion and fatigue cracks, it is recommended to undertake crack detection check preferably by magnetic particle test (MPI) or by dye penetrant test. This should be essentially undertaken by qualified technician.
  • Hardness Test – The hardness on the bearing seating area should be checked.
  • It is important that the turbine shaft bearing seating diameter is free of any bearing line marks, pitting, corrosion, etc and has the surface finish as per the international norms. This can be checked and surface finish can be improved by polishing the bearing seating area.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is providing above inspection services for turbine shaft, crank shaft, rotor shaft, alternator shaft and pump shaft for last more than 36 years all over the world and have served reputed companies. Our technicians are well trained, experienced and can be deputed to the site in a short notice.

Turbine Shaft Repair – RA Power Solutions

Repair of Turbine Shaft
Repair of Turbine Shaft

The periodic inspection of turbine shaft is necessary. It is common to observe bearing line marks, corrosion, fatigue cracks, taper and ovality on turbine shaft bearing seating area In case these defects are not attended on time it can result to the failure of turbine shaft and damage to other parts.

RA Power Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has successfully executed repair of turbine shafts, crank shaft, rotor shaft, alternator shaft and pump shaft number exceeding 170 up to the diameter of 700 mm.

Special pneumatically driven grinding equipment is used to undertake the grinding of the turbine shaft. The turbine shaft grinding equipment is portable, light weighted and easy to carry to the site. The experienced engineers undertake the grinding of damaged bearing seating area of the turbine shaft and maintain the tolerances within 20-30 microns with high surface finish.